Working Papers & Preprints

Mejia AF, Bolin D, Spencer D, and Eloyan A. Accurate estimation of functional brain connectivity via Bayesian ICA with population-derived priors. Major revision.

Derman D, Pham DD, Mejia AF and Ferradal SL. Individual patterns of functional connectivity in neonates as revealed by surface-based Bayesian modeling.  Undergoing revisions. 

Parlak F, Pham DD, Mejia AF. A robust multivariate, non-parametric outlier identification method for scrubbing in fMRI. 

Spencer D, Bolin D, Nebel MB and Mejia AF. Fast Bayesian estimation of brain activation with cortical surface and subcortical data using expectation-maximization.  

Published & Accepted Work


Hayashi S, Caron B, [30 others] and Pestilli F. A decentralized and open source cloud platform to support neuroscience research. Accepted at Nature Methods.  


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Parlak F, Pham DD, Spencer D, Welsh RC and Mejia AF. Sources of Residual Autocorrelation in Multiband Task fMRI and Strategies for Effective Mitigation. Frontiers in Neuroscience (2023).  


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* indicates shared first authorship
** indicates shared senior authorship